My Subscription failed, what should I do?

Whilst we make every attempt possible to ensure your Subscription continues, there are various reasons why your Subscription purchase may have failed:

There are insufficient funds to purchase

Should your online account balance and your backup payment method not have enough funds to complete your Subscription purchase, the purchase will fail.

Your account has been closed or suspended

Should your account be suspended, or you have locked yourself out of your account, your Subscription purchase will fail.

You have reached your Weekly Spend Limit

If by purchasing an entry using your Subscription will exceed your weekly spend limit, your Subscription purchase will fail.

There was an issue with your bank when using your backup payment method

If your Subscription purchase needs to use your backup payment method, it is possible that your bank or financial institution may not release the required funds for a variety of reasons. In these cases, your Subscription purchase will fail.

Subscription Failure Notification

Each time your Subscription fails to purchase an entry, you will be notified by email which will include the specific reason your purchase failed.